Most Convenient Way to Replace Car Keys

For car owners, we all experience losing our car keys, or they stop working at some point, and we never know how important these car keys are until such time that we lose it, misplace it, or they stop from working.

Fortunately, if you find yourself stressing about your missing car keys or you need a duplicate or even new car keys, there are sufficient ways to resolve this problem. Changing car keys in some cases can be expensive, but worry no more because we got you!

Older Car Key Replacement

First, you have to keep in mind when replacing an older car key is to take note of your car’s VIN number. This information is needed by the person you choose to help replace the car key. VIN is the 17-digit letter/number that you can see in most cars driver’s side dashboard. To avoid confusion, the letters I, O, and Q are not included because usually, these letters create confusion with numbers 1 and O. VINs only work after the year 1981. For car models before 1954, there were no VINs.

If you cannot find your VIN number in the dashboard, you can also lookup the rear wheel or the front of the engine block. Check also in the trunk, door jam, or could be on the frame of the car between the windshield washer and carburetor. When still not sure as to where your VIN is on your car, refer to your car insurance. Look at the top left-hand corner of each page of your car insurance information copy.

Next to that, you have to write down the year, make and model of your car. You are going to need this information to get a new set of car keys because keys are considered to be distinct for each car. With the said information, you will be able to know what specific kind of key you need to access your car.

Although you can look for discounted replacement keys online that are much cheaper compared to getting them from the dealership or manufacturer, calling for an auto locksmith is still the best option. Companies explicitly intended to replace car keys generally have specialized equipment and more sophisticated machinery to cut and program car keys. And you can be at ease that the work is done well, quick and reliable with the best deal that you can get. Auto Locksmith generally will give about half as much as it would cost you if you would get a new set of keys from a dealer or manufacturer.

Also, an auto locksmith can program and cut car keys on the spot without towing your vehicle. Auto Locksmith can come to where you are, which is pretty convenient, unlike you coming to your dealer or manufacturer and having the car towed, which adds to your expenses.

A good auto locksmith could help you make a new key fob if you lost it as well. Moreover, they can reprogram a replacement for you.

Car Keys

New Electronic Car Key

Before you call for any help, review your car’s warranty or insurance if a key replacement is covered by it. Usually, when your car is very new or high-end, the key can’t be replaced by anyone, except your manufacturer or dealer. If your key replacement is covered by your car insurance/warranty, you may be eligible for a discount. Do not forget to bring your valid I.D, your car’s information, and any other keys to the dealership.

If, in case, key replacement is already out of your car’s warranty or is not covered by insurance, do not hesitate to call your local locksmith.

A local auto locksmith can program a new electronic key, depending on the complexness of your car keys. As we mentioned earlier, if your car is very new and high-end, car keys can’t be replaced by anyone because they have a microchip in it to avoid duplication. Nevertheless, if the key has a transponder in it, an auto locksmith can certainly work on it. Transponder keys are available and accessible at locksmiths. Transponders are started to be used during the 1990s. Transponders are chips in the key which communicate to the car.

Your auto locksmith can program your new electronic car key. Reprogramming depending on your specific car usually needs opening and closing the doors, turning lights and other electronics in it should be on and off. Basically, you would have to press a set of buttons in a certain order. Generally, it’s different for every car.

Need New Car Keys?

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